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Rank Name Raised
21st Troy March Troy March $166.51
22nd Jacob Mulholland Jacob Mulholland $164.90
23rd Rochelle Luppino Rochelle Luppino $161.79
24th erin hurkmans erin hurkmans $161.15
25th Tara Robertson Tara Robertson $160.43
26th Elaine Hyde Elaine Hyde $155.25
26th Kristy Eilola Kristy Eilola $155.25
28th Josh Fraser Josh Fraser $148.85
29th Mark Swanston Mark Swanston $136.23
30th Heather Prudence Heather Prudence $127.45
31st Clare Warren Clare Warren $124.20
31st Jason Howie Jason Howie $124.20
33rd Andrea Dennett Andrea Dennett $120
33rd Jim MacKelvie Jim MacKelvie $120
33rd Stephen Bestmann Stephen Bestmann $120
36th Nathan Paterson Nathan Paterson $113.85
36th Zachary Nagel-Tynan Zachary Nagel-Tynan $113.85
38th Eliza hailstone Eliza hailstone $112.63
39th Vanessa Smith Vanessa Smith $110.70
40th Aaron Tuthill Aaron Tuthill $103.50