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Rank Name Raised
N/A Tyler neilson Tyler neilson $0
1888th Valentine Rozario Valentine Rozario $975
7175th Vic Vega Vic Vega 2years $31
146th Victor Grunewald Victor Grunewald $3,807
154th victor yanes victor yanes $3,745
N/A Vince Daria Vince Daria 6years $0
157th Vince Marziale Vince Marziale $3,724
799th Vivian Tran Vivian Tran $1,697
N/A Warrick Bott Warrick Bott 7years $0
6th Wayne Gowland Wayne Gowland $17,480
5975th Wendelle Vivas Wendelle Vivas 3years $107
162nd Wendy Grant Wendy Grant 3years $3,690
N/A William Carpenter William Carpenter $0
N/A William Rattenbury William Rattenbury $0
3206th William Salter William Salter 2years $615
N/A Winston Sitoa Winston Sitoa $0
1677th Zachariah Barker Zachariah Barker $1,055
5427th Michele White Michele White 2years $176
461st Mike Meynell Mike Meynell 4years $2,303
1826th Brett Fleming Brett Fleming 6years $1,002