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Rank Name Raised
7380th Maurice Herrmann Maurice Herrmann 3years $21
1156th Grant Halstead Grant Halstead $1,503
340th Simon Grimmett Simon Grimmett 3years $3,033
468th Perry Winn Perry Winn 2years $2,623
393rd Kevin Turner Kevin Turner 2years $538
6708th David Side David Side $52
5136th Tony Lammens Tony Lammens 3years $275
2548th Anthony Mahr Anthony Mahr 2years $838
4051st Daniel Edwards Daniel Edwards $529
N/A Samuel Krajnik Samuel Krajnik 4years $0
158th Andrew McMurtrie Andrew McMurtrie 4years $4,142
5455th Ryan Bates Ryan Bates $208
354th Udara Dharmadasa Udara Dharmadasa $3,000
5016th Brad Simms Brad Simms 3years $311
983rd Bill Book Bill Book 4years $1,658
187th Garry Long Garry Long 3years $3,863
N/A Dan Keenan Dan Keenan $0
3566th Tony Baker Tony Baker $604
1825th Ben Marner Ben Marner $1,104
1207th Jack Williams Jack Williams 2years $1,453