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Rank Name Raised
N/A Julian Cheung Julian Cheung $0
N/A Julian Codespoti Julian Codespoti $0
N/A Julie Moyle Julie Moyle $0
N/A Juliette Cousins Juliette Cousins $0
N/A Junaedy Pranata Junaedy Pranata $0
N/A Justin Ivanoff Justin Ivanoff $0
N/A Justine Allen Justine Allen $0
N/A Justine Nguyen Justine Nguyen $0
N/A Jye Danvers Jye Danvers $0
N/A Kaan Ozeren Kaan Ozeren $0
N/A Kadar Bille Kadar Bille $0
7363rd Kai Callander Kai Callander $20
N/A Kaine Salmon Kaine Salmon $0
N/A Kaleb Chong Kaleb Chong $0
N/A Kam Austine Kam Austine $0
N/A Kanwal Dhawan Kanwal Dhawan $0
N/A kaps arora kaps arora $0
N/A Karen Longworth Karen Longworth $0
N/A Karen McGennisken Karen McGennisken $0
N/A Karen Pears Karen Pears 2years $0