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Rank Name Raised
115th Andrew Kerr Andrew Kerr $2,731.66
116th Kristen Sanders Kristen Sanders $2,717.53
117th Mark Swanston Mark Swanston $2,716.23
118th Sameera Bashir Sameera Bashir $2,713.37
119th Joshua Arens Joshua Arens $2,695.51
N/A Michael Howes Michael Howes $2,691.35
120th Kate Mooring Kate Mooring $2,690.87
N/A Matt McQuillan Matt McQuillan $2,685.57
121st Hitesh Ghai Hitesh Ghai $2,679.68
122nd Tullio Ena Tullio Ena $2,658.43
123rd Roy Bloomfield Roy Bloomfield $2,656.22
124th Ashley Butcher Ashley Butcher $2,652.15
125th Leigh Robinson Leigh Robinson $2,651.31
126th Bryce Evans Bryce Evans $2,650.13
127th George Curan George Curan $2,640.57
128th Connor Burns Connor Burns $2,638.93
129th Nathan Brown Nathan Brown $2,632.55
130th Stephane Le Blanc Stephane Le Blanc $2,631.54
131st Stephen Williams Stephen Williams $2,629.60
357th Dominica Thomson Dominica Thomson $2,629.45