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Rank Name Raised
N/A Barend Meiring Barend Meiring $0
N/A Beeshal Rizal Beeshal Rizal $0
189th Bell Motlalepula Bell Motlalepula $1,209
N/A Ben Ainsworth Ben Ainsworth $0
N/A Ben Manning Ben Manning $0
N/A Ben Nilsson Ben Nilsson $0
273rd Ben OBrien Ben OBrien $1,035
N/A Ben Stewart Ben Stewart $0
2657th Ben Swincer Ben Swincer $104
N/A Benedict Manzano Benedict Manzano $0
N/A Benjamin Gaske Benjamin Gaske $0
N/A Benjamin Miles Benjamin Miles $0
1491st Bernadette Odzierejko Bernadette Odzierejko $332
2848th Bernie Sutton Bernie Sutton $93
1025th Bill Book Bill Book $476
N/A Billy White Billy White $0
N/A Bowen Weightman Bowen Weightman $0
352nd Brad Hogg Brad Hogg $888
1241st Bradley Temperley Bradley Temperley $373
1122nd Bradyn Parker Bradyn Parker $419