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Rank Name Raised
212th Jenny Boyd Jenny Boyd 3years $190
213th Hayley Wilson Hayley Wilson $190
214th Deni Costello Deni Costello 2years $186
215th Brendan Paynting Brendan Paynting 7years $186
215th Mitch Hockey Mitch Hockey 3years $186
217th Lizzie Crankybum Lizzie Crankybum 5years $181
218th Annie DRUM Annie DRUM $181
218th Cody Hughes Cody Hughes 2years $181
218th Gary Doherty Gary Doherty 7years $181
218th Julio Valencia Julio Valencia 3years $181
218th Maree Vincent Maree Vincent 2years $181
218th Philip Farrelly Philip Farrelly 2years $181
218th Riley Hetherinton Riley Hetherinton $181
225th Steve Taylor Steve Taylor 4years $179
226th Denise Morris Denise Morris $176
226th Kevin Hay Kevin Hay 2years $176
226th Peter Van Der Veen Peter Van Der Veen 2years $176
226th Sharon Roulston Sharon Roulston $36
229th Adriaan Greyling Adriaan Greyling 3years $176
229th Brendan Young Brendan Young $176