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Rank Name Raised
805th Allanah Parker Allanah Parker $500
805th Cathryne Pearce Cathryne Pearce $500
805th David Johnston David Johnston $500
805th Dean Bartley Dean Bartley $500
805th Geoff Hender Geoff Hender $500
805th Jonathan May Jonathan May $500
805th K Goh K Goh $500
805th Margaret Larkin Margaret Larkin $500
805th Nigel Bailey Nigel Bailey $500
814th Zippy Oh Zippy Oh $500
815th Brian Gates Brian Gates $497
816th Brad George Brad George $497
817th Jacob Preece Jacob Preece $497
818th Matthew Dent Matthew Dent $495
819th Craig Butt Craig Butt $494
820th Adrian Pfeiffer Adrian Pfeiffer $493
821st Mark Tridgell Mark Tridgell $486
822nd Kylie May Kylie May $481
823rd Mark Higgins Mark Higgins $481
824th Calvin Lynch Calvin Lynch $480