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Rank Name Raised
N/A Dave Camaro Dave Camaro $0
77th Dave Pitt Dave Pitt $41
N/A David De klerk David De klerk $0
N/A David Farley David Farley $0
N/A David Ghabro David Ghabro $0
N/A David Johnston David Johnston $0
26th David Mcmaster David Mcmaster $120
N/A David Trimble David Trimble $0
N/A David yeo David yeo $0
N/A Dawn Parkes Dawn Parkes $0
N/A Dean Fiebiger Dean Fiebiger $0
N/A Dean Flaxman Dean Flaxman $0
26th Dean Thompson Dean Thompson $120
68th Deborah Blaser Deborah Blaser $50
N/A Deborah Wells Deborah Wells $0
N/A Debra Thomas Debra Thomas $0
N/A Declan O'Callaghan Declan O'Callaghan $0
N/A Desma Morris Desma Morris $0
N/A Di Russell Di Russell $0
87th Diane Rickard Diane Rickard $35