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Rank Name Raised
N/A Cathy Blight Cathy Blight $0
N/A Cecilia Villegas Cecilia Villegas $0
N/A Cedrick Acebes Cedrick Acebes $0
N/A Celeste Vernon Celeste Vernon $0
N/A Celeste Vernon Celeste Vernon $0
N/A Charise Sowells Charise Sowells $0
N/A CharlesCharle Enriquez CharlesCharle Enriquez $0
N/A Charlie Hopkins Charlie Hopkins $0
N/A Charmaine Hughes Charmaine Hughes $0
N/A Chelsey Bugg Chelsey Bugg $0
N/A Cheryl Hercus Cheryl Hercus $0
N/A Chris Brien Chris Brien $0
N/A Chris Cameron Chris Cameron $0
N/A Chris Duff Chris Duff $0
N/A Chris Heathcote Chris Heathcote $0
6th Chris Mackay Chris Mackay $598
N/A Chris McArdle Chris McArdle $0
25th Chris O'Keeffe Chris O'Keeffe $217
N/A Chris Ryan Chris Ryan $0
N/A Chris Sunderland Chris Sunderland $0