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Rank Name Raised
175th Phil Richardson Phil Richardson $312.56
176th Alex Heta Alex Heta $311.60
177th Natalie Roberts Natalie Roberts $310.51
178th Sarah Sowry Sarah Sowry $310.50
179th Dianne Stepto Dianne Stepto $308.75
180th Kylie Sandow Kylie Sandow $308.06
181st Mitch West Mitch West $305.33
182nd Rodney French Rodney French $302.03
183rd Jeff Ryan Jeff Ryan $301.97
184th John Cooper John Cooper $301.75
185th Daniel van den Hoek Daniel van den Hoek $301.26
186th Melker Blomstrom Melker Blomstrom $300.88
187th Berni Tosch Berni Tosch $300.49
188th Dianne Bott Dianne Bott $300.15
189th Crystal Flynn Crystal Flynn $298.93
189th Damian Briggs Damian Briggs $298.93
190th Rod Freame Rod Freame $51.75
191st Brendan Ban Brendan Ban $298.08
192nd Glenn Challen Glenn Challen $297.70
192nd Malcolm Brown Malcolm Brown $297.70