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Rank Name Raised
N/A Scott Shaw Scott Shaw $0
2590th Michelle Podsiadly Michelle Podsiadly $512
2192nd Jason McClure Jason McClure $600
1001st Jing Tan Jing Tan $1,127
N/A James Kirk James Kirk $0
2717th John Dodd John Dodd $502
N/A James Simpson James Simpson $0
3039th Gilbert Quevauvilliers Gilbert Quevauvilliers $370
2386th Christopher Grant Christopher Grant $550
763rd Brett Stephenson Brett Stephenson $1,320
2583rd Jeff McRae Jeff McRae $514
1703rd Ashish Suhag Ashish Suhag $759
143rd Bill Book Bill Book $3,098
N/A William Lynn William Lynn $0
3773rd Jess Mcgrane Jess Mcgrane $189
209th Matt Hogan Matt Hogan $2,664
5033rd Gary Leong Gary Leong $35
4312th Greg Moore Greg Moore $100
3631st Graham Wardell Graham Wardell $218
1179th anita gordon anita gordon $1,026