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Rank Name Raised
689th Michael Tong Michael Tong $1,836
423rd Geoff Stapp Geoff Stapp $2,502
N/A Ian Boyle Ian Boyle $0
1681st Lachlan Harley Knight Lachlan Harley Knight $1,064
2849th Paolo Russo Paolo Russo $698
1327th Daryl Munro Daryl Munro $1,241
777th Adam Young Adam Young $1,699
5572nd Allison Kelb Allison Kelb $16
1648th Andrew Lewin Andrew Lewin $1,077
1393rd Ben Fitzpatrick Ben Fitzpatrick $1,200
N/A Craig Forster Craig Forster $0
N/A Craig Robinson Craig Robinson $0
N/A Dean Clothier Dean Clothier $0
2713th Ian Crafter Ian Crafter $727
N/A Ittephon Petch-air Ittephon Petch-air $0
7531st James Bibby James Bibby $35
4889th Jason Drury Jason Drury $295
2169th Joel Chong Joel Chong $879
2753rd Josh Lagodzki Josh Lagodzki $716
194th Joshua Fitzgerald Joshua Fitzgerald $3,457