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Rank Name Raised
N/A Marc Withnall Marc Withnall $0
2293rd Marco Arandio Marco Arandio $891
5897th Marcus Moore Marcus Moore $143
628th MARIA Cotter MARIA Cotter $2,080
1836th Maria Lacey Maria Lacey $1,060
511th Mark Andrews Mark Andrews $2,385
N/A Mark Dallimore Mark Dallimore $0
N/A Mark Randazzo Mark Randazzo $0
N/A Mark Shaw Mark Shaw $0
6114th Mark Telley Mark Telley $120
2034th Markus Schmid Markus Schmid $1,003
77th Martin Reidy Martin Reidy $5,609
N/A Martina Limbach Martina Limbach $0
6402nd Mary McKenna Mary McKenna $401
2700th Mat O'Brien Mat O'Brien $768
7151st Matiu Priddy Matiu Priddy $36
4007th Matt Adams Matt Adams $527
3505th Matt Cockburn Matt Cockburn $605
N/A Matt Cribbes Matt Cribbes $0
12th Matt Flapper Matt Flapper $13,136