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Rank Name Raised
701st Gary Cortes Gary Cortes $523
702nd Kate Coghlan Kate Coghlan $523
702nd Melisa Guljas Melisa Guljas $523
702nd Paul Welsh Paul Welsh $523
705th Cody Edstein-Boyes Cody Edstein-Boyes $523
705th Luke Randall Luke Randall $523
705th Marcus Thompson Marcus Thompson $523
708th Adam Giles Adam Giles $523
708th Steve Glab Steve Glab $523
710th Joseph Maksour Joseph Maksour $521
710th Robert Mitchell Robert Mitchell $521
712th Richard Hill Richard Hill $521
713th Jason Hill Jason Hill $520
714th Ian Crafter Ian Crafter $520
714th Roberto Spada Roberto Spada $520
717th Ryan King Ryan King $520
718th Louis Brabant Louis Brabant $519
719th Julie Kent Julie Kent $518
720th Cheenu Srinivasan Cheenu Srinivasan $518
721st David Eccles David Eccles $518