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Rank Name Raised
N/A Tim Richards Tim Richards $0
1386th Tim Smith Tim Smith $273
N/A Timothy Tucak Timothy Tucak $0
N/A Todd Bonney Todd Bonney $0
3942nd Todd Charlick Todd Charlick $35
175th Tom Swadling Tom Swadling $1,187
1184th Toni Jovanovski Toni Jovanovski $341
N/A Tony Adey Tony Adey $0
243rd Tony Joel Tony Joel $1,025
2727th Tracey Doherty Tracey Doherty $86
1300th Travis Boehm Travis Boehm $295
N/A Travis Kreeck Travis Kreeck $0
793rd Travis Rainsford Travis Rainsford $518
1175th Trent Freeman Trent Freeman $343
N/A Troy Laughlin Troy Laughlin $0
1530th Trudy O’Connor Trudy O’Connor $233
1223rd Trudy Rogers Trudy Rogers $321
N/A Truman Briar Gates Truman Briar Gates $0
1263rd Václav Čech Václav Čech $309
N/A Vic Vega Vic Vega $0