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Rank Name Raised
N/A Wellerson Duarte Wellerson Duarte $0
N/A Welton Wilkinson Welton Wilkinson $0
N/A Wen Fei Tee Wen Fei Tee $0
N/A Wendy Bingham Wendy Bingham $0
N/A Wendy Edmondstone Wendy Edmondstone $0
N/A Wendy Feltus Wendy Feltus $0
N/A Wendy Harvey Wendy Harvey $0
N/A Wendy Parker Wendy Parker $0
N/A Wendy Robson Wendy Robson $0
N/A Wendy Scott Wendy Scott $0
N/A Wendy Scroope Wendy Scroope $0
N/A Werner Kruger Werner Kruger $0
N/A Werner Paruzek Werner Paruzek $0
N/A Wesley Fortuin Wesley Fortuin $0
N/A Whitney and Jaryd . Whitney and Jaryd . $0
N/A Whitney Philips Whitney Philips $0
N/A Widaad Sa Widaad Sa $0
N/A Wikus Kriel Wikus Kriel $0
N/A Wil Bertolini Wil Bertolini $0
N/A Wilfred Arran Wilfred Arran $0