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Rank Name Raised
405th Kendall Lister Kendall Lister 4years $2,773
406th Neil Rowsell Neil Rowsell $2,769
407th Liz Lindsay Liz Lindsay 4years $2,768
408th Kylie Mills Kylie Mills 2years $2,768
409th John Doherty John Doherty 2years $2,766
410th Luke Hollis Luke Hollis $2,764
411th Liam Jones Liam Jones $2,764
412th Jason Clark Jason Clark 2years $2,760
413th Lindsay Kelly Lindsay Kelly $2,756
413th Stefan Aichholzer Stefan Aichholzer 3years $233
414th Andrew McOrist Andrew McOrist $104
414th Rohan George Rohan George $2,747
415th Leonardo Ramos Leonardo Ramos $2,739
416th Brendan Doyle Brendan Doyle 2years $2,738
417th Guy Robbins Guy Robbins 4years $2,737
418th Brian Duncan Brian Duncan 5years $2,733
419th Evelyn Chan Evelyn Chan 2years $2,733
420th Firoz Ali Firoz Ali $2,732
421st Philip Leck Philip Leck $2,732
422nd Mark Andrews Mark Andrews 6years $2,732