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Rank Name Raised
N/A Angus King Angus King $0
N/A Angus Moore Angus Moore $0
N/A Angus Norman Angus Norman $0
N/A Angus Philip-owen Angus Philip-owen $0
N/A Angus Tulloch Angus Tulloch $0
N/A Angus Tye Angus Tye $0
N/A Angus Wilson Angus Wilson $0
N/A Aniket pal singh Malli Aniket pal singh Malli $0
2243rd Anirban Razzaque Anirban Razzaque $939
N/A Anisa Ettehad Anisa Ettehad $0
N/A Anish Chauhan Anish Chauhan $0
N/A Anita Glasovac Anita Glasovac $0
N/A Anita Kolnhofer Anita Kolnhofer $0
N/A Anita Longhitano Anita Longhitano $0
N/A Anita Lutz Anita Lutz $0
N/A Anita ODea Anita ODea $0
4428th Anita Renzullo Anita Renzullo $490
N/A Anitaya Sisaath Anitaya Sisaath $0
N/A Anitha Karimbil Anitha Karimbil $0
4938th Anitha Vallabh Anitha Vallabh $319