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Rank Name Raised
194th Billy Saunders Billy Saunders $2,211.44
195th Mike Harkness Mike Harkness $2,208.89
196th Ricky Foulstone Ricky Foulstone $2,205.44
197th Kristina Rorhan Kristina Rorhan $2,200.37
198th Rob Chivers Rob Chivers $2,177.40
199th Natalie Roberts Natalie Roberts $2,177.37
200th Betty Seeney Betty Seeney $541.85
200th Dianne Hughes Dianne Hughes $2,176.60
201st Monique Yukich Monique Yukich $2,164.41
202nd Peter Shortman Peter Shortman $2,162.29
203rd Jessica Carr Jessica Carr $2,157.23
204th Cameron Blight Cameron Blight $2,150.59
205th Mike Meynell Mike Meynell $2,143.65
206th Matt Grech Matt Grech $2,142.89
207th Jude Stephens Haines Jude Stephens Haines $2,141.17
208th Anne Henderson Anne Henderson $2,133.59
209th Zac Slack Zac Slack $2,133.17
210th Kathy Begg Kathy Begg $2,130.48
211th Chris Sutton Chris Sutton $2,130.42
212th Andrew Hubbard Andrew Hubbard $2,125.96