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Rank Name Raised
266th Billy Laurence Billy Laurence $2,356
1683rd Andrew Mann Andrew Mann $765
392nd Di Morris Di Morris $1,884
125th James Long James Long $3,216
1209th David Mitchell David Mitchell $1,011
3356th Chee Wai Tan Chee Wai Tan $280
464th Belinda Denniss Belinda Denniss $1,723
2464th Pauline Jaumaux Pauline Jaumaux $536
3839th Daniel Disseldorp Daniel Disseldorp $176
160th guy pertwee guy pertwee $3,013
1211th Alex Miller Alex Miller $1,011
N/A Greg Campbell Greg Campbell $159
1771st Jaclyn Lewis Jaclyn Lewis $731
2782nd James Plater James Plater $498
177th John Trist John Trist $2,874
2024th Judy Stampton Judy Stampton $644
2761st Lindy Wilson Lindy Wilson $500
N/A Zacheri Maynard Zacheri Maynard $327
2218th Des White Des White $592
N/A Hayley Erhart Hayley Erhart $912