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Rank Name Raised
N/A Robert Whiting Robert Whiting $0
N/A Robert Wood Robert Wood $0
N/A Roberto Obet Mampusti Roberto Obet Mampusti $0
N/A Robin Lundie Robin Lundie $0
N/A Robin Moore Robin Moore $0
N/A Robin Robin Mears Robin Robin Mears $0
N/A Robin Roque Robin Roque $0
N/A Robina Pearson Robina Pearson $0
N/A Robyn Bailey Robyn Bailey $0
N/A Robyn Gascoigne Robyn Gascoigne $0
N/A Robyn Hayden-Ladlow Robyn Hayden-Ladlow $0
N/A Robyn J Langham Robyn J Langham $0
N/A Robyn Keyes Robyn Keyes $0
N/A Robyn Moore Robyn Moore $0
N/A Robyn Smallwood Robyn Smallwood $0
N/A Robynne Mah Robynne Mah $0
N/A Rocc Weglarz Rocc Weglarz $0
N/A Rocky Cornish Rocky Cornish $0
N/A Rod Archer Rod Archer $0
N/A Rod Ghanem Rod Ghanem $0