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Rank Name Raised
197th Clive Buultjens Clive Buultjens $1,121
198th Jayden Rykers Jayden Rykers $1,118
199th Dylan Gordon Dylan Gordon $1,109
200th Sumit DSumit Sumit DSumit $1,108
201st Emily Clarke Emily Clarke $1,107
202nd Tristan Bruno Tristan Bruno $1,106
203rd Shari Chambers Shari Chambers $1,106
204th Mark Sorby Mark Sorby $1,105
205th Paul Smith Paul Smith $1,102
206th Ali Said Ozcelik Ali Said Ozcelik $1,099
207th Patricia Reyno Patricia Reyno $1,097
208th Anton Vilar Anton Vilar $1,096
209th Michele Argles Michele Argles $1,094
210th Steve Trood Steve Trood $1,087
211th Rajeev Peiris Rajeev Peiris $1,086
212th David Nugent David Nugent $1,085
213th Shaun Dawson Shaun Dawson $1,084
214th Greg Paddon Greg Paddon $1,084
215th Doug Austin Doug Austin $1,082
215th Shannon Williams Shannon Williams $1,082