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Rank Name Raised
1420th Owen Pankalasin Owen Pankalasin $1,171
2482nd Lynton Stretton Lynton Stretton $774
3623rd Bruce Michael Bruce Michael $556
2722nd Josh Lagodzki Josh Lagodzki $716
1800th Lachlan Harley Knight Lachlan Harley Knight $1,064
4048th Anthony Howes Anthony Howes $501
1702nd Ron Jacks Ron Jacks $1,049
956th Bill Book Bill Book $1,484
4130th Alex Matijevic Alex Matijevic $482
4068th Graham Hartshorne Graham Hartshorne $500
635th Tony Joel Tony Joel $1,915
6506th Sean O'Neill Sean O'Neill $72
2654th Jeff Little Jeff Little $734
1419th Craig Burne Craig Burne $1,172
2019th vicki Rogan vicki Rogan $824
2802nd Stephen Biram Stephen Biram $701
1375th Steve McGrath Steve McGrath $1,199
1544th Karen Campbell Karen Campbell $1,110
501st Luke Teed Luke Teed $2,235
6506th David Stakes David Stakes $72