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Rank Name Raised
N/A Frances Moore Frances Moore $0
110th Francesca Lavoie Lapierre Francesca Lavoie Lapierre $36
N/A Francisco rivas Francisco rivas $0
N/A Frederik Bredenkamp Frederik Bredenkamp $0
N/A Gabby Craddock Gabby Craddock $0
N/A Gagandeep Jadhav Gagandeep Jadhav $0
N/A Ganesh Tamang Ganesh Tamang $0
N/A Gareth Toms Gareth Toms $0
N/A Gary Paul Gary Paul $0
N/A Gaurav Sachdeva Gaurav Sachdeva $0
N/A Gavin Carter Gavin Carter $0
N/A Gavin McAlister Gavin McAlister $0
N/A Gayle Douglas Gayle Douglas $0
92nd Gayle Smith Gayle Smith $50
N/A GayreGayreGGayreGffff Christie GayreGayreGGayreGffff Christie $0
145th Geoff Gray Geoff Gray $21
117th Geoff King Geoff King $35
N/A George Adlam George Adlam $0
N/A George Harris George Harris $0
N/A Georgi Cavendish Georgi Cavendish $0