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Rank Name Raised
N/A Mary McKenna Mary McKenna $0
1508th Mat O'Brien Mat O'Brien $35
N/A Matt Donoghue Matt Donoghue $0
610th Matthew Kastelein Matthew Kastelein $130.42
N/A Mitchell Yarde Mitchell Yarde $0
N/A Narayanan Jayavel Narayanan Jayavel $0
N/A Natasha Hall Natasha Hall $0
N/A Nathan Dennis Nathan Dennis $0
N/A Nathan Laurens Nathan Laurens $0
N/A Nicholas Henrys Nicholas Henrys $0
N/A Nicolas Porras Guzman Nicolas Porras Guzman $0
N/A Paolo Di Luciano Paolo Di Luciano $0
N/A Patrick Campbell Patrick Campbell $0
N/A Paula Lilburne Paula Lilburne $0
N/A Remo Keira Remo Keira $0
385th Robert Miller Robert Miller $217.35
560th Rodney Welch Rodney Welch $150.08
N/A Scott Mullin Scott Mullin $0
N/A Seb Addison Seb Addison $0
N/A Smit Patel Smit Patel $0