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Rank Name Raised
849th Malcolm Nicholson Malcolm Nicholson 5years $1,651
850th Jed Metcher Jed Metcher $1,651
851st Cheryl Voigt Cheryl Voigt 5years $1,650
852nd Neil Jones Neil Jones $1,648
853rd Bridie O'Connor Bridie O'Connor $1,648
854th Karl Anderson Karl Anderson 2years $1,647
855th Brian Duncan Brian Duncan 5years $1,645
856th Peter Eggleton Peter Eggleton $1,645
857th Jash Gajaria Jash Gajaria 5years $1,645
858th Andrew Drayton Andrew Drayton 5years $1,642
859th Carl Trindorfer Carl Trindorfer $1,639
860th Darren Iles Darren Iles 6years $1,639
861st Craig Bamford Craig Bamford $1,636
862nd Matt West Matt West 2years $1,636
863rd Ken Holt Ken Holt 2years $1,635
864th Nadim Sawaya Nadim Sawaya $1,634
865th John Ellen John Ellen 2years $1,633
866th Daniel Becker Daniel Becker 5years $1,631
866th Horace Josh Horace Josh 2years $1,631
868th Laura Southwell Laura Southwell 2years $1,631