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Rank Name Raised
299th Claire GOODMAN Claire GOODMAN $3,176
2594th Claudia Naidoo Claudia Naidoo 4years $825
N/A Craig Holland Craig Holland 2years $0
N/A Daniel Smith Daniel Smith 2years $0
1164th Darren Grose Darren Grose 3years $1,502
968th Darren Morrow Darren Morrow 3years $1,673
3481st Darren Springer Darren Springer 4years $617
2338th Darren Wallace Darren Wallace $916
6656th Dave Traves Dave Traves $59
3252nd David Elliott David Elliott 6years $663
N/A David Evans David Evans 2years $0
N/A David Foley David Foley $0
4232nd David Gyde David Gyde 2years $510
652nd David Laidlaw David Laidlaw $2,187
356th Dean Lang Dean Lang 2years $2,987
2145th Dean Waterman Dean Waterman $1,003
3868th Demosthenes Mateo Jr Demosthenes Mateo Jr 5years $555
1017th Derek Pangbourne Derek Pangbourne $1,625
7381st Dominique Appay Dominique Appay $21
5035th Donneil Frederiche Ong Yabut Donneil Frederiche Ong Yabut $304