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Rank Name Raised
N/A Caitlyn Coman-Sargent Caitlyn Coman-Sargent $0
132nd Cameron Finlayson Cameron Finlayson $35
N/A Cameron Gillard Cameron Gillard $0
N/A Cameron Julcher Cameron Julcher $0
N/A Cameron Kern Cameron Kern $0
162nd Cameron Mcdonald Cameron Mcdonald $21
N/A Campbell Jones Campbell Jones $0
N/A Canyi Huang Li Canyi Huang Li $0
N/A Carl Baroni Carl Baroni $0
N/A Carlyn Cadriel Carlyn Cadriel $0
N/A Carol Gabriel Carol Gabriel $0
N/A Carol Vanderley Carol Vanderley $0
132nd Caroline Hoyer Caroline Hoyer $35
N/A Cassandra O'Sullivan Cassandra O'Sullivan $0
N/A Cassie Eagle Cassie Eagle $0
N/A Cath Linkins Cath Linkins $0
N/A Catherine Graham Catherine Graham $0
N/A Catherine Schultz Catherine Schultz $0
N/A Cathy Blight Cathy Blight $0
N/A Cecilia Villegas Cecilia Villegas $0