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Rank Name Raised
725th Paul Hogg Paul Hogg $100
725th Rick Galbraith Rick Galbraith $100
725th Robert Hirst Robert Hirst $100
725th Robin Baxter Robin Baxter $100
725th Ross Sparks Ross Sparks $100
1410th Sarah Toia Sarah Toia $100
725th Sheryl Clarke Sheryl Clarke $100
725th Steve Ross Steve Ross $100
725th Tom Holyman Tom Holyman $100
725th Trevor Archer Trevor Archer $100
725th Ty Kirby Ty Kirby $100
769th Meagan Woodward Meagan Woodward $99.24
N/A Jordan Michele Hunt Jordan Michele Hunt $98.34
770th Kaidyn Wright Kaidyn Wright $98.33
771st Steve Smith Steve Smith $98.33
N/A Chatura Attanayake Chatura Attanayake $98.31
772nd Garry COOPER Garry COOPER $98.15
773rd Kate Rutherford Kate Rutherford $97.45
774th Kim Broadfoot Kim Broadfoot $97.28
774th Simone Carvalho Simone Carvalho $97.28