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Rank Name Raised
152nd Luke Cunningham Luke Cunningham 5years $207
152nd Matthew Squires Matthew Squires $207
152nd Nadine Ramsay Nadine Ramsay 2years $207
152nd Stephen de Mel Stephen de Mel 3years $207
152nd Ted Mangan Ted Mangan 2years $207
159th Ashlee Horn Ashlee Horn $82
162nd Catherine Schultz Catherine Schultz 5years $207
N/A James Haworth James Haworth 2years $0
163rd Glenda Bilton Glenda Bilton 7years $202
163rd Tammy Wiseman Tammy Wiseman 3years $202
163rd Trey Durham Trey Durham $202
166th Himathri Ramachandran Bhanumathi Himathri Ramachandran Bhanumathi 2years $201
167th George Jacovou George Jacovou $197
N/A Haris Saeed Haris Saeed 2years $0
168th Corina Clarke Corina Clarke 2years $197
168th Sammy Schmidt Sammy Schmidt 2years $197
170th Karen Shepherd Karen Shepherd 2years $197
170th Tahlee Miller Tahlee Miller 4years $197
172nd Devanique Rossouw Devanique Rossouw $196
173rd Steve Smith Steve Smith 3years $195