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Rank Name Raised
213th Dale Zar6 Dale Zar6 2years $155
213th Damian Edwards Damian Edwards $155
213th Jane Johnston Jane Johnston 5years $155
213th Lee McIntosh Lee McIntosh 4years $155
213th Marcus Liddicoat Marcus Liddicoat 6years $155
213th Paul Lange Paul Lange 2years $155
213th Rod Smith Rod Smith 7years $155
213th Saige Witt Saige Witt 5years $155
213th Stephen Bestmann Stephen Bestmann 7years $155
213th Steve Plummer Steve Plummer 2years $155
213th Trent Spencer Trent Spencer $155
213th Valerie Bartley Valerie Bartley 7years $155
225th Tim Stevenson Tim Stevenson 4years $154
226th Daniel Webber Daniel Webber 4years $152
226th Sharon Roulston Sharon Roulston $36
227th Paul Beavis Paul Beavis 2years $150
228th Jody Kember Jody Kember 4years $150
228th Judyanne Frank Judyanne Frank 2years $150
230th Tia Mathieson Tia Mathieson 5years $149
231st Letcha Solo Letcha Solo 3years $145