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Rank Name Raised
3012th Faye Hopkins Faye Hopkins $382
N/A Julia Arnold Julia Arnold $0
330th Kathie Bulters Kathie Bulters $2,079
1592nd James Benham James Benham $804
97th Andrew McMurtrie Andrew McMurtrie $3,495
3377th Andrew Donohoe Andrew Donohoe $274
1759th Mark Eason Mark Eason $739
281st Kyle Goff Kyle Goff $2,283
431st Robert Linton Robert Linton $1,776
2670th Herman Lambrechts Herman Lambrechts $504
1666th Joanne Grant Joanne Grant $771
2177th Adam Hadley Adam Hadley $603
2046th James Egan James Egan $637
1809th Amanda Stewart Amanda Stewart $710
3671st mick pell mick pell $210
1339th Martina Limbach Martina Limbach $934
1822nd Jonathan Loxton Jonathan Loxton $706
840th Mark Giddins Mark Giddins $1,242
3286th Ken Gemell Ken Gemell $296
3787th Paul Akerman Paul Akerman $185