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Rank Name Raised
671st Barbara Martin Barbara Martin $90
672nd Andrew Cathery Andrew Cathery $88
672nd Barb Binks Barb Binks $88
672nd David Melamed David Melamed $88
672nd Eugene Khoo Eugene Khoo $88
672nd Jason Toomer Jason Toomer $88
672nd Michael Mason Michael Mason $88
672nd Michelle Moore Michelle Moore $88
679th Anthony Simonetta Anthony Simonetta $88
679th Belinda Burrows Belinda Burrows $88
679th Bernadette McDonald Bernadette McDonald $88
679th Guy Mutton Guy Mutton $88
679th Kelly Webber Kelly Webber $88
679th Matthew Walsh Matthew Walsh $88
685th Alisa Roser Alisa Roser $87
685th Allison Hatton Allison Hatton $87
685th Darren Mcculloch Darren Mcculloch $87
685th Melissa howe Melissa howe $87
685th Sheree Geci Sheree Geci $87
690th Gareth Wilcox Gareth Wilcox $86