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Rank Name Raised
139th Adam Giles Adam Giles $523
140th Neale Zietsch Neale Zietsch $520
141st Amanda Foster Amanda Foster $518
141st David Eccles David Eccles $518
141st Toni Buckler Toni Buckler $518
144th June Towers June Towers $515
145th Bec Gaida Bec Gaida $514
146th Andrew Krieg Andrew Krieg $512
147th Daniel Buckley Daniel Buckley $512
148th Bernie Smead Bernie Smead $505
149th Sarah Townsend Sarah Townsend $505
150th Dan Witten Dan Witten $504
151st Darren Robinsen Darren Robinsen $502
152nd Jemma Saegenschnitter Jemma Saegenschnitter $501
153rd Alisha kingdom Alisha kingdom $500
154th Allanah Parker Allanah Parker $500
154th Anita Gordon Anita Gordon $500
154th Anthony Barnett Anthony Barnett $500
157th Danny Grant Danny Grant $494
158th Ryley Pasquali Ryley Pasquali $477