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Rank Name Raised
133rd Stephen Williams Stephen Williams $2,629.60
357th Dominica Thomson Dominica Thomson $2,629.45
134th Daniel Thomas Daniel Thomas $2,628.26
135th Liam Collins Liam Collins $2,623.19
136th Stephen Bestmann Stephen Bestmann $2,622.75
137th Craig Buffett Craig Buffett $2,616.26
138th Jack Spiller Jack Spiller $2,604.58
139th Marsha Hodges Marsha Hodges $2,603.37
140th Ed van Dijk Ed van Dijk $2,597.51
141st guy pertwee guy pertwee $2,591.41
142nd Christine Carew Christine Carew $2,588.44
143rd Darren Forbes Darren Forbes $2,587.32
144th Shane Shibata Shane Shibata $2,575.68
145th Alicia Goodes Alicia Goodes $2,574.16
146th Peter Goodworth Peter Goodworth $2,567.93
147th John Trist John Trist $2,567.50
148th Margaret Jones Margaret Jones $2,556.63
149th Suzie Hawthorne Suzie Hawthorne $2,550.00
150th Harry Hunter Harry Hunter $2,532.11
151st Hayden Brougham Hayden Brougham $2,527.44