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Rank Name Raised
152nd John Wood John Wood $2,515.89
153rd Shrek Cahill Shrek Cahill $2,512.47
154th Daniel Bingham Daniel Bingham $2,505.47
155th Miguel Diaz Miguel Diaz $2,500.29
156th Ella and Lou Whight Ella and Lou Whight $2,500.18
N/A Clara Jimenez Balcells Clara Jimenez Balcells $2,483.23
157th Brian Duncan Brian Duncan $2,472.81
158th Vanessa Goodsir Vanessa Goodsir $2,460.78
159th Ossie Sutton Ossie Sutton $2,455.81
160th Liz Gibbeson Liz Gibbeson $2,452.32
161st Karen Kincaid Karen Kincaid $2,449.39
162nd Andree Haydar Andree Haydar $2,448.71
163rd Shaun Davison Shaun Davison $2,435.26
164th Peter Davies Peter Davies $2,408.15
165th Antony Pritchett Antony Pritchett $2,405.65
166th David King David King $2,392.05
167th Evan Hoar Evan Hoar $2,376.91
168th Henry Uen Henry Uen $2,375.90
169th Laura Cheah Laura Cheah $2,357.71
170th Andrew McMurtrie Andrew McMurtrie $2,346.51