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Rank Name Raised
878th Peter Taylor Peter Taylor $501
880th James Hansford James Hansford $501
881st David Long David Long $501
882nd James Wilce James Wilce $501
883rd Susan Mackinnon Susan Mackinnon $500
884th Andrew Lamb Andrew Lamb $500
885th Kelly Morley Kelly Morley $500
886th Colleen Gyde Colleen Gyde $500
887th Alisha kingdom Alisha kingdom $500
888th Allanah Parker Allanah Parker $500
888th Cathryne Pearce Cathryne Pearce $500
888th David Johnston David Johnston $500
888th Dean Bartley Dean Bartley $500
888th Geoff Hender Geoff Hender $500
888th Jonathan May Jonathan May $500
888th K Goh K Goh $500
888th Margaret Larkin Margaret Larkin $500
896th Corinna Filbey Corinna Filbey $500
896th Zippy Oh Zippy Oh $500
898th Brian Gates Brian Gates $497