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Rank Name Raised
N/A Zeljko Hornjak Zeljko Hornjak $0
N/A Dustin Skorupinski Dustin Skorupinski $0
N/A Chevy Morgan Chevy Morgan $0
491st Mat Austin Mat Austin $120
892nd Matt Anderson Matt Anderson $51.75
N/A Christian Fox Christian Fox $0
N/A Jesse Riley Jesse Riley $0
N/A Marion Thursby Marion Thursby $0
1430th Lisa Scoon Lisa Scoon $20.19
424th Chantal Keyser Chantal Keyser $50
N/A Zed Carbon Zed Carbon $0
N/A Alex Kraan Alex Kraan $0
1607th Anaru Utiera Anaru Utiera $5.54
N/A Andre Murray Andre Murray $0
428th Andrea Dennett Andrea Dennett $140.70
N/A Andrew Jason Brooks Andrew Jason Brooks $0
N/A Arvind Dora Arvind Dora $0
734th Ashley Gittins Ashley Gittins $72.45
N/A Ashton Harbottle Ashton Harbottle $0
N/A Chris Lacey Chris Lacey $0