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Rank Name Raised
N/A Courtney Spedding Courtney Spedding $0
N/A Craig Pirie Craig Pirie $0
N/A Craig Stewart Craig Stewart $0
N/A Crystal Renfroe Crystal Renfroe $0
N/A Curt Barnum Curt Barnum $0
N/A Cynthia Arseneau Cynthia Arseneau $0
N/A Czar G Czar G $0
N/A Czarina J Czarina J $0
N/A Dale King Dale King $0
N/A Dameon Kaschafsky Dameon Kaschafsky $0
N/A Dan JJ Ber Dan JJ Ber $0
N/A Daniel De Courcy Daniel De Courcy $0
N/A Daniel Klei Daniel Klei $0
N/A Darcy Smith Darcy Smith $0
N/A Darlene Estevez Darlene Estevez $0
N/A Darling Martinez Darling Martinez $0
N/A Darren Bender Darren Bender $0
N/A Darryl Mcnabb Darryl Mcnabb $0
N/A Daryl Munro Daryl Munro $0
N/A Dave Dailey Dave Dailey $0