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Rank Name Raised
237th Patrick Burns Patrick Burns $1,137
N/A Ray Jeremia Ray Jeremia $0
N/A Richard Tanner Richard Tanner $0
751st Robert Elizondo Robert Elizondo $599
N/A Ryan Timmins Ryan Timmins $0
4720th Simon Dickson Simon Dickson $26
N/A Tobias Bateman Tobias Bateman $0
N/A Toby MacGregor Toby MacGregor $0
3632nd Tuan Nguyen Tuan Nguyen $52
3041st Waed Searson Waed Searson $93
N/A Graham Smith Graham Smith $0
N/A Graham Smith Graham Smith $0
2779th John Schoneveld John Schoneveld $109
N/A Nalin Adikariarachchige Nalin Adikariarachchige $0
N/A Jason Bialecki Jason Bialecki $0
3250th Laurie Hunt Laurie Hunt $72
N/A Oscar Gallagher Oscar Gallagher $0
N/A Robert Evans Robert Evans $0
76th Ryan Neilsen Ryan Neilsen $2,022
3443rd Tony Ryan Tony Ryan $70