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Rank Name Raised
161st STA Dream Team STA Dream Team $2,239.23
Members of STA Dream Team
721st Chad Bradfield Chad Bradfield $1,358.30
1640th Kim Blake Kim Blake $785.43
163rd MLC Sydney MLC Sydney $2,184.67
Members of MLC Sydney
390th Paul Rickerby Paul Rickerby $1,890.64
3899th Kay Adewusi Kay Adewusi $162.30
N/A Kai Schwanke Kai Schwanke $0
164th Grafton Bridge Bicycle Bandits Grafton Bridge Bicycle Bandits $2,176.15
Members of Grafton Bridge Bicycle Bandits
469th Tim Murray Tim Murray $1,714.78
2845th Andrew Ross Andrew Ross $461.37
165th Women Who Walk & Ride Women Who Walk & Ride $2,168.48
Members of Women Who Walk & Ride
1551st Anne Hutton Anne Hutton $821.60
1947th Paulene Barham Paulene Barham $667.43
2026th Sue Willett Sue Willett $643.23
166th 1st Canley Heights Scout Group 1st Canley Heights Scout Group $2,162.68
Members of 1st Canley Heights Scout Group
337th Quoc Cuong Luu Quoc Cuong Luu $2,059.18
167th AGLM Roadmysters AGLM Roadmysters $2,153.19
Members of AGLM Roadmysters
1999th Chris d'Hotman Chris d'Hotman $650.83
2842nd Len Mclachlan Len Mclachlan $462.89
2892nd Kieran Scott Kieran Scott $434.18
3366th Vahid Pourghadiri Vahid Pourghadiri $275.85
168th The Red Tailed Black Cockatoos The Red Tailed Black Cockatoos $2,148.99
Members of The Red Tailed Black Cockatoos
1536th Gavin Hayres Gavin Hayres $827.30
1822nd Jonathan Loxton Jonathan Loxton $706.31
2552nd Richard Oborn Richard Oborn $519.88
169th Greasy Chains Greasy Chains $2,144.34
Members of Greasy Chains
905th Aaron Rogers Aaron Rogers $1,194.73
2907th Phillip McKeaig Phillip McKeaig $426.43
3052nd Jarrad Hey Jarrad Hey $363.98
4162nd Helena GREEN Helena GREEN $113.50
N/A Jered Hoyle Jered Hoyle $0
170th Curra Girls Curra Girls $2,136.74
Members of Curra Girls
866th Naomi McDonald Naomi McDonald $1,218.22
2685th Meg Greenland Meg Greenland $503.80
2936th Ady Paton Ady Paton $414.72
N/A Beth Kelly Beth Kelly $0
171st Show Us Your Cleats Show Us Your Cleats $2,113.54
Members of Show Us Your Cleats
1178th Karen MacDougal Karen MacDougal $1,026.60
2377th Brenton Pobjie Brenton Pobjie $550.70
3530th Kylie Rose Kylie Rose $239.56
4104th Lu McQuilliam Lu McQuilliam $122.46
4171st Tracy Edwards Tracy Edwards $111.21
5218th Jane McHugh Jane McHugh $26.78
N/A Jane McHugh Jane McHugh $0
N/A Paul Roberts Paul Roberts $0
172nd ProCan ProCan $2,096.09
Members of ProCan
N/A Edith Hurt Edith Hurt $634.08
2441st Peter Hains Peter Hains $539.88
2950th Merridee Wouters Merridee Wouters $407.08
3326th Alexis Nguyen Alexis Nguyen $288.58
N/A Daniel Bucio Noble Daniel Bucio Noble $71.23
173rd The Mt Isa Challengers The Mt Isa Challengers $2,091.31
Members of The Mt Isa Challengers
1183rd Graeme Foster Graeme Foster $1,024.29
1208th Brian Grosser Brian Grosser $1,012.02
5033rd Ken Nelder Ken Nelder $35
5331st Les Rayner Les Rayner $20
174th Rivo Roadrunners Rivo Roadrunners $2,087.74
Members of Rivo Roadrunners
1132nd Laurie Hunt Laurie Hunt $1,053.89
2325th Colin Meadows Colin Meadows $562.33
3041st Tony Scurry Tony Scurry $369.78
175th Spartans Warrior's Spartans Warrior's $2,079.56
Members of Spartans Warrior's
N/A Chris Wookey Chris Wookey $695.65
N/A Nicole Smith Nicole Smith $683.12
N/A Sarah Conte Sarah Conte $445.65
N/A Peter Clementson Peter Clementson $234.44
N/A Megan Bresnan Megan Bresnan $20.70
N/A Chelsey Cooper Chelsey Cooper $0
176th Team Scrach Team Scrach $2,076.42
Members of Team Scrach
1421st James Proverbs James Proverbs $881.69
3373rd Rachel Jansen Rachel Jansen $274.28
3466th Scott Jansen Scott Jansen $253.58
5331st Chris Oddie Chris Oddie $20
N/A Jaime Foskett Jaime Foskett $0
177th Bellurs Bellurs $2,072.47
Members of Bellurs
758th Viji Udayashankar Viji Udayashankar $1,324.05
2780th Nagesh Bellur Nagesh Bellur $499.34
3801st Sharvi Bellur Sharvi Bellur $182.23
178th Wheely Deadly Wheely Deadly $2,069.55
Members of Wheely Deadly
472nd Josephine Jennings Josephine Jennings $1,710.40
N/A Sharon Jennings Sharon Jennings $0
179th Adrenofit Adrenofit $2,051.49
Members of Adrenofit
890th Michelle Swenson Michelle Swenson $1,203.76
1534th Emma Klasen Emma Klasen $828.61
5589th Jake Swenson Jake Swenson $9.56
5589th Levi Swenson Levi Swenson $9.56
180th The Wheel Pack The Wheel Pack $2,044.71
Members of The Wheel Pack
1884th Breanna adams Breanna adams $685.21
2081st Emma Dart Emma Dart $627.26
3917th Jacinta Altmann Jacinta Altmann $159.59
3961st Jane Altmann Jane Altmann $150.84
181st St Finny’s Grade 1 St Finny’s Grade 1 $2,035.58
Members of St Finny’s Grade 1
376th Angus Rowe Angus Rowe $1,963.13