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Rank Name Raised
121st May Fam May Fam $1,413
Members of May Fam
810th Kylie May Kylie May $605
1027th Jared may Jared may $528
122nd Hamish the Brave Hamish the Brave $1,404
Members of Hamish the Brave
715th Mark Andrews Mark Andrews $650
1183rd Campbell Andrews Campbell Andrews $500
2302nd Sharon Wolstenholme Sharon Wolstenholme $197
3988th Tracey Montesin Tracey Montesin $57
N/A Lyndell Andrews Lyndell Andrews $0
123rd Team SMI Team SMI $1,391
Members of Team SMI
410th Stephen Dickinson Stephen Dickinson $897
2706th Claire Cote Claire Cote $142
2838th Rick Valenta Rick Valenta $124
3166th Francisco Reyes Francisco Reyes $104
N/A Natalie Phayre Natalie Phayre $0
N/A Sasha Aivazpour Sasha Aivazpour $0
N/A Torben Wuestemann Torben Wuestemann $0
124th Westmar wheelies Westmar wheelies $1,391
Members of Westmar wheelies
1007th Jed Mutch Jed Mutch $538
2073rd Joseph Tzvetkoff Joseph Tzvetkoff $235
3020th Emily Valentine Emily Valentine $118
3121st Thomas Valentine Thomas Valentine $108
3414th Caitlyn Valentine Caitlyn Valentine $93
3545th Nellie Valentine Nellie Valentine $82
3548th Nathan Valentine Nathan Valentine $82
4425th James Valentine James Valentine $46
125th Team Midge Team Midge $1,384
Members of Team Midge
614th Jonathan McLeish Jonathan McLeish $709
898th Ryan King Ryan King $572
3166th Daniel Carusi Daniel Carusi $104
126th Spokey dokeys Spokey dokeys $1,383
Members of Spokey dokeys
231st Karen Parker Karen Parker $1,202
2403rd Michael Bakos Michael Bakos $181
127th GoGetters GoGetters $1,375
Members of GoGetters
1215th Bronwyn Evans Bronwyn Evans $477
1377th Robert Evans Robert Evans $403
1524th Sue Black Sue Black $355
2712th Andrea Evans Andrea Evans $140
926th Mary Glavan Mary Glavan $564
1694th Daniel Glavan Daniel Glavan $307
3941st Mirjana Babamovski Mirjana Babamovski $62
N/A Jason Azzopardi Jason Azzopardi $0
N/A Joe Curtale Joe Curtale $0
129th TuttiForte TuttiForte $1,362
Members of TuttiForte
179th liam Lyons liam Lyons $1,362
N/A Lawrence Dell Lawrence Dell $0
N/A Rocco Brigante Rocco Brigante $0
130th JH Mechanical JH Mechanical $1,358
Members of JH Mechanical
181st John Hoctor John Hoctor $1,358
N/A Danni Hoctor Danni Hoctor $0
131st Complete Complete $1,357
Members of Complete
973rd Lizzie Whiting Lizzie Whiting $550
1883rd Tammy Stewart Tammy Stewart $268
1998th Matthew Stewart Matthew Stewart $248
N/A Sarah Wilmshurst Sarah Wilmshurst $0
N/A Steve Truscott Steve Truscott $0
132nd Team Alyssa Team Alyssa $1,343
Members of Team Alyssa
2035th Alex Enticknap Alex Enticknap $243
2838th Paul Brindle Paul Brindle $124
3157th Ged Molloy Ged Molloy $106
3941st Brittnee Smith Brittnee Smith $62
N/A Andrew Childs Andrew Childs $0
N/A Juan Salamanca Juan Salamanca $0
N/A Michael Enticknap Michael Enticknap $0
133rd Westy's Westy's $1,342
Members of Westy's
769th Damien West Damien West $624
844th aleya vella aleya vella $593
134th Menstrual Cycles 😳 Menstrual Cycles 😳 $1,332
Members of Menstrual Cycles 😳
1647th Leaha Hevans Leaha Hevans $320
1837th Susan Hanstrum Susan Hanstrum $278
1899th Emma Dawes Emma Dawes $264
2086th Colleen Campbell-Warr Colleen Campbell-Warr $233
3916th Shani Holster Shani Holster $67
4472nd Gayle Douglas Gayle Douglas $36
4557th Lynda Cullen Lynda Cullen $36
135th Aaron Mason Aaron Mason $1,314
Members of Aaron Mason
431st Aaron Mason Aaron Mason $869
1509th Wade Minter Wade Minter $357
3462nd Liam Mason Liam Mason $88
136th Theodore Treddlers Theodore Treddlers $1,314
Members of Theodore Treddlers
876th Kate Mooring Kate Mooring $580
1134th Vanessa Van Bael Vanessa Van Bael $507
3166th Dean Anderson Dean Anderson $104
137th Mamil’s Mamil’s $1,297
Members of Mamil’s
233rd Duane Wright Duane Wright $1,195
4038th Kim Wright Kim Wright $52
138th E.T E.T $1,291
Members of E.T
687th Leigh MacIsaac Leigh MacIsaac $662
1418th Emily Hutchins Emily Hutchins $390
N/A Talia Vincent Talia Vincent $0
139th Speedy Turtles Speedy Turtles $1,286
Members of Speedy Turtles
487th Nitpreet Sidhu Nitpreet Sidhu $804
1412th Harpreet sidhu Harpreet sidhu $393
4557th Mahesh Kumar Mahesh Kumar $36
N/A Ankit Budhia Ankit Budhia $0
140th Tol Tol Turtles Tol Tol Turtles $1,282
Members of Tol Tol Turtles
401st Chris Finley Chris Finley $911
2760th Kerry-Anne Jealous Kerry-Anne Jealous $138
2838th Lisa McWilliam Lisa McWilliam $124
3616th Teresa Draper Teresa Draper $72
4557th Glen Barrow Glen Barrow $36