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76 years old and over

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Rank Name Raised
1st Malcolm J Little Malcolm J Little $5,218
2nd Peter Paproth Peter Paproth $2,814
3rd Grahame Keast Grahame Keast $2,350
4th Roy Bloomfield Roy Bloomfield $1,842
5th Jim Sharpe Jim Sharpe $1,533
6th Martin Thomas Martin Thomas $1,509
7th Dick Cleland Dick Cleland $1,501
8th Anthony White Anthony White $1,467
9th Donald Ives Donald Ives $1,269
10th Don Mathewson Don Mathewson $1,164
11th Euan Nichol Euan Nichol $1,121
12th John Trewin John Trewin $1,093
13th Janice & Bernie Fitzpatrick Janice & Bernie Fitzpatrick $1,004
14th John Millard John Millard $884
15th Michael Primrose Michael Primrose $762
16th Jan Boyd Jan Boyd $707
17th Ben Jones Ben Jones $587
18th Tony Merlo Tony Merlo $585
19th Brian Hallam Brian Hallam $304
20th Peter Kemp Peter Kemp $123
21st Allan Lenton Allan Lenton $104
22nd Hugh Sykes Hugh Sykes $104
23rd Brian Dwyer Brian Dwyer $87
24th Ian Vacchini Ian Vacchini $72
25th Fred Schack Fred Schack $70
26th Michael Webber Michael Webber $52
27th Linda A. Norman Linda A. Norman $26
N/A Beverley Thompson Beverley Thompson $0
N/A Calvin Katz Calvin Katz $0
N/A Diana mary Mary Napier Diana mary Mary Napier $0
N/A Fred Schack Fred Schack $0
N/A Fred Schack Fred Schack $0
N/A Grace Millynn Grace Millynn $0
N/A Guenter Jung Guenter Jung $0
N/A Herby Halloran Herby Halloran $0
N/A James Eagar James Eagar $0
N/A john edwards john edwards $0
N/A John Millard John Millard $0
N/A Ken Blair Ken Blair $0
N/A Leslie Leunig Leslie Leunig $0
N/A Michael Finnane Michael Finnane $0
N/A Nikita MacMurray Nikita MacMurray $0
N/A Phillip Coorey Phillip Coorey $0
N/A Rhys Pollock Rhys Pollock $0
N/A Tom Burnell Tom Burnell $0
N/A Tom Ryan Tom Ryan $0
N/A Welease Wodewick Welease Wodewick $0
N/A Will Sullivan Will Sullivan $0
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