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Construction & Property

Rank Name Raised
1st Kickcancersass Kickcancersass $7,375
Members of Kickcancersass
30th Ash Naim Ash Naim $7,043
N/A Ahmad Kassab Ahmad Kassab $0
N/A Mohamed Roshan Zubairdeen Mohamed Roshan Zubairdeen $0
2nd Team Citcon Team Citcon $7,207
Members of Team Citcon
224th Tim Liu Tim Liu $3,279
1255th Adam Tanana Adam Tanana $1,285
3096th Rob Ghassani Rob Ghassani $640
3450th Sam Ghassani Sam Ghassani $574
4150th Donny Jansen Donny Jansen $467
4233rd Andrew Jansen Andrew Jansen $446
7426th Stefanie Condello Stefanie Condello $15
N/A Alex Billington Alex Billington $0
N/A Angela Dueza Angela Dueza $0
N/A Lydia Festa Lydia Festa $0
N/A Mary Ghassani Mary Ghassani $0
N/A Moussa Hijazi Moussa Hijazi $0
N/A Scott Pankhurst Scott Pankhurst $0
3rd Zinfra Zinfra $6,563
Members of Zinfra
164th Vince Marziale Vince Marziale $3,724
609th Darryl Reichelt Darryl Reichelt $2,044
2977th Scott Di Giglio Scott Di Giglio $666
5959th Dongjie Yang Dongjie Yang $109
4th Jay's Jokers Jay's Jokers $6,051
Members of Jay's Jokers
490th Jay Coady Jay Coady $2,288
932nd Paul Jones Paul Jones $1,558
993rd Gary Morris Gary Morris $1,498
2953rd Glen Clarke Glen Clarke $671
5th CIty of Adelaide CIty of Adelaide $3,303
Members of CIty of Adelaide
433rd Matty Allen Matty Allen $2,418
3757th Nataleigh Mottau Nataleigh Mottau $523
5603rd Doreen Weber Doreen Weber $155
N/A Ashley Bowden Ashley Bowden $0
N/A Ashton Eldridge Ashton Eldridge $0
N/A Nancy Dinh Nancy Dinh $0
6th Tycorp Ride Tycorp Ride $939
Members of Tycorp Ride
3652nd James Tyas James Tyas $538
4451st Angus Jones Angus Jones $401
7th Monford Group Monford Group $476
Members of Monford Group
4847th Cathal Mccloskey Cathal Mccloskey $300
6183rd Klaus Backheuer Klaus Backheuer $88
6581st Michael Regalado Michael Regalado $52
N/A Declan White Declan White $0
N/A Isobel Ives Isobel Ives $0
N/A Homes Victoria - Housing Development Homes Victoria - Housing Development $0
Members of Homes Victoria - Housing Development
N/A Kenneth Stewart Kenneth Stewart $0
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