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Education & Training

Rank Name Raised
1st Windaroo Wildcats Windaroo Wildcats $3,852
Members of Windaroo Wildcats
556th Carly Bubbers Carly Bubbers $2,148
3938th Maggie Butler Maggie Butler $504
4398th Stephen Taylor Stephen Taylor $413
4799th Belinda Williamson Belinda Williamson $311
6566th Chris Taylor Chris Taylor $53
6810th Kristie Ross Kristie Ross $42
2nd Team CDU Team CDU $3,402
Members of Team CDU
497th Zachary Watt Zachary Watt $2,273
2126th Sue Tucker Sue Tucker $894
6219th Monica Bugno Monica Bugno $85
3rd The Roll Models The Roll Models $1,636
Members of The Roll Models
4569th Rose Montague Rose Montague $529
4038th Mandy Irvine Mandy Irvine $492
5503rd Rosie Bright Rosie Bright $169
5870th Glenn Eckardt Glenn Eckardt $124
6793rd Mara Ferraro Mara Ferraro $48
N/A Wheeletics Wheeletics $0
Members of Wheeletics
N/A Gemma Crielly Gemma Crielly $0
N/A Judii Cook Judii Cook $0
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