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Rank Name Raised
1st Autodesk Australia Autodesk Australia $7,058
Members of Autodesk Australia
111th Julie Bond Julie Bond $4,402
2702nd Russell Speight Russell Speight $729
4216th Magnolia Garcia Magnolia Garcia $451
4684th Dhiraj Talwar Dhiraj Talwar $342
5180th Nan Li Nan Li $226
5327th Damian Sproules Damian Sproules $201
5503rd John Elston John Elston $169
N/A Rory Hampson Rory Hampson $0
N/A Ryan Pearce Ryan Pearce $0
2nd Mono's Cycle Mono's Cycle $3,023
Members of Mono's Cycle
2517th Alex Longworth Alex Longworth $777
2938th Rob Grubb Rob Grubb $673
3485th Kara Te Hira Kara Te Hira $568
5190th Gregg Hewton Gregg Hewton $223
6581st Teresa Fariss Teresa Fariss $52
3rd Atmo sphere Atmo sphere $1,314
Members of Atmo sphere
1462nd Jadyn D'mello Jadyn D'mello $1,169
5671st Holly Pedersen Holly Pedersen $145
4th HIFraser Lunch Club HIFraser Lunch Club $233
Members of HIFraser Lunch Club
5142nd Lewis Hubbard Lewis Hubbard $233
N/A Tristan Butterworth Tristan Butterworth $0
5th Team DeltaQ Team DeltaQ $52
Members of Team DeltaQ
6581st Daniel Edlington Daniel Edlington $52
N/A Faheem A Faheem A $0
N/A Joyce Yeoh Joyce Yeoh $0
N/A Tim Leske Tim Leske $0
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