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IT & Telecommunications

Rank Name Raised
1st Mastercard Mastercard $18,772
Members of Mastercard
83rd Ben Rogers Ben Rogers $5,003
95th Bernd Zomerdijk Bernd Zomerdijk $4,753
697th Caroline Hill Caroline Hill $1,875
878th Alexandra Ware Alexandra Ware $1,621
2215th Warren Scott Warren Scott $858
2349th Claudia Naidoo Claudia Naidoo $825
3067th Maurice Abd Maurice Abd $648
3126th paul mcmahon paul mcmahon $634
3263rd Ean Dungey Ean Dungey $610
3827th Demosthenes Mateo Jr Demosthenes Mateo Jr $513
4239th Margarit Kirov Margarit Kirov $445
4279th Rob Dunn Rob Dunn $436
4990th Martin Chapman Martin Chapman $265
5065th sean chang sean chang $249
2nd ASI Solutions - Great Cycle Challenge ASI Solutions - Great Cycle Challenge $7,801
Members of ASI Solutions - Great Cycle Challenge
68th Jason King Jason King $5,287
400th Aidan Morris Aidan Morris $2,514
3rd Cube Networks Cube Networks $4,590
Members of Cube Networks
2027th Jacquelyn Balestiero Jacquelyn Balestiero $933
2098th Nick Madsen Nick Madsen $903
2441st Frank Arena Frank Arena $802
3587th Sandra Arena Sandra Arena $550
3841st Moshe Leyzerman Moshe Leyzerman $512
4642nd Yung Ong Yung Ong $354
5337th Cait Barnes Cait Barnes $200
5883rd Craig Charlton Craig Charlton $120
5997th Dave Haldane Dave Haldane $108
6855th Adeel Syed Adeel Syed $36
6855th Joseph arena Joseph arena $36
6855th Petre Minchev Petre Minchev $36
4th Team Vonex Team Vonex $3,936
Members of Team Vonex
504th Matt Fahey Matt Fahey $2,256
2542nd George Soultis George Soultis $771
5685th Mattia De’Ambrosis Mattia De’Ambrosis $142
5790th Lachlan Wyeth Lachlan Wyeth $125
6522nd Ryan Wake Ryan Wake $59
7212th Dallas Thomas Dallas Thomas $26
5th Liferay Liferay $1,765
Members of Liferay
2109th Calvin Lynch Calvin Lynch $900
2915th Oliver Malone Oliver Malone $678
6263rd Brendan Quinn Brendan Quinn $83
6581st David Zielke David Zielke $52
N/A Andrew Gray Andrew Gray $0
N/A Joshua Taweel Joshua Taweel $0
N/A kaps arora kaps arora $0
N/A Makoto Tokudome Makoto Tokudome $0
6th Blitzm Power Blitzm Power $1,477
Members of Blitzm Power
2029th Ruveen Amarasekera Ruveen Amarasekera $933
4266th Jenna Farrell Jenna Farrell $440
6222nd Cristhian Fernando Garzon Guevara Cristhian Fernando Garzon Guevara $84
7265th Gillian Laging Gillian Laging $21
N/A Ben McKeown Ben McKeown $0
N/A Ewen Cameron Ewen Cameron $0
N/A Janzen Lim Janzen Lim $0
N/A Kane Rogers Kane Rogers $0
N/A Pranshu Vaishya Pranshu Vaishya $0
7th AA Riders AA Riders $984
Members of AA Riders
4045th Sanith Kobewatta Sanith Kobewatta $490
5617th Vivek Agarwal Vivek Agarwal $155
6004th Mohammad Rahman ReTon Mohammad Rahman ReTon $105
6581st Huong Nguyen Huong Nguyen $52
6581st Sreelakshmi Sreelakshmi Sreelakshmi Sreelakshmi $52
7265th Cesar Alonde Cesar Alonde $21
8th Corporate Technology Services Corporate Technology Services $553
Members of Corporate Technology Services
4240th Daniel Sobkowski Daniel Sobkowski $444
N/A Duncan Lugstein Duncan Lugstein $0
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