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Rank Name Raised
1st AGD Bullets AGD Bullets $8,983.45
Members of AGD Bullets
149th Sophie McKay Sophie McKay $3,063.13
1187th Taya Petsheny Taya Petsheny $1,022.95
1213th Simon Wiese Simon Wiese $1,010.67
1469th Ros McClelland Ros McClelland $856.91
1586th Tisha Tejaya Tisha Tejaya $804.89
2204th Kylie Smith Kylie Smith $596.10
2210th David Morters David Morters $594.49
2759th Joe Yick Joe Yick $500.43
3193rd Laura Sewell Laura Sewell $316.96
3815th jenna Dennison jenna Dennison $180.71
2nd Deep Sea Mooring Team Deep Sea Mooring Team $3,022.50
Members of Deep Sea Mooring Team
1000th Joe Wilchynski Joe Wilchynski $1,127.24
1512th Holly Escott Holly Escott $836.05
4525th Joel Ireland Joel Ireland $72.45
4636th Graeme Lornie Graeme Lornie $66.86
N/A Kenneth Lopez Kenneth Lopez $0
3rd TOLL TOLL $2,467.26
Members of TOLL
370th mark lemme mark lemme $1,988
2938th jess smith jess smith $414.67
N/A jeff oflynn jeff oflynn $0
4th YMCA Anglesea YMCA Anglesea $1,910.52
Members of YMCA Anglesea
1098th Hannah Lacy Hannah Lacy $1,074.84
2556th Danielle Bain Danielle Bain $519.78
3740th Kate Stanley Kate Stanley $196.88
4129th Kirsty Looker Kirsty Looker $119.03
N/A Florentine Buss Florentine Buss $0
5th Roma CC Roma CC $940.94
Members of Roma CC
1332nd Rebekah Little Rebekah Little $940.94
N/A Jess Towns Jess Towns $0
6th Jolly Peddle Peons Jolly Peddle Peons $335.91
Members of Jolly Peddle Peons
3137th Michael Barnard Michael Barnard $335.91
N/A Kyle Sherriff Kyle Sherriff $0
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