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Rank Name Raised
1st Team Styleness Team Styleness $63,406.08
Members of Team Styleness
2nd Anthony Johnson Anthony Johnson $35,580.24
3rd Paul Allsop Paul Allsop $27,163.44
4082nd Stuart Forbes Stuart Forbes $124.20
2nd Epiroc Australia Epiroc Australia $20,795.05
Members of Epiroc Australia
236th Bevan Darby Bevan Darby $2,285.57
400th Vilim Zubak Vilim Zubak $1,685.17
N/A Steven Kattouch Steven Kattouch $1,351.75
1538th sue goc sue goc $773.46
1977th Peter Verhoeven Peter Verhoeven $631.36
2422nd Ying Ying Ying Lee Ying Ying Ying Lee $533.03
2537th Jessica Vrielink Jessica Vrielink $510.21
2617th David Galbraith David Galbraith $503.90
2712th Randall Brothers Randall Brothers $489.89
N/A Janet McQueen Janet McQueen $389.15
2996th Richelle Brooks Richelle Brooks $370.17
520th Jenna Fullagar Jenna Fullagar $274.28
3463rd Vanessa Ocansey Vanessa Ocansey $247.14
3765th Matthew Watson Matthew Watson $185.07
N/A michael bray michael bray $165.60
N/A Milan Ivovic Milan Ivovic $70
5015th Katherine Biagi Katherine Biagi $36.23
5324th John Swift John Swift $20.70
3rd Austal Land Riders Austal Land Riders $16,026.16
Members of Austal Land Riders
925th Rachel Green Rachel Green $1,082.91
1082nd Hayden Cotter Hayden Cotter $1,006.01
1101st Emma Tongue Emma Tongue $1,002.25
1916th Kelly Cechner Kelly Cechner $648.96
2284th Tristan Leopold Tristan Leopold $557.22
2329th Loic Draoulec Loic Draoulec $549.42
2491st James Cunningham James Cunningham $519.40
2944th Glenn Dicker-Lee Glenn Dicker-Lee $389.04
2958th Sarah Cathcart Sarah Cathcart $385.51
3444th Tim MacCallum Tim MacCallum $251.51
3464th Max van Someren Max van Someren $246.78
3540th Joshua Halman Joshua Halman $231.65
3572nd Steve Marwood Steve Marwood $225.95
3574th beau Lawson beau Lawson $225.20
3628th John Donovan John Donovan $213.28
3958th Liz Archer Liz Archer $148.07
4543rd Jason King Jason King $72.45
5048th David Harvey David Harvey $35.02
N/A James de la Bere James de la Bere $0
4th Hound Dog Fit Hound Dog Fit $11,565.40
Members of Hound Dog Fit
71st Ross Kohn Ross Kohn $3,710.43
1461st Chloe Denning Chloe Denning $805.60
1314th Sarita Reimers Sarita Reimers $804.30
1665th Sharyn Carnahan Sharyn Carnahan $731.54
N/A Marcia Smith Marcia Smith $671.77
2349th Kylie Patchett Kylie Patchett $543.39
2441st Amanda Klein Amanda Klein $529.36
2851st Pauline McGinn Pauline McGinn $429.85
3511th Lindy Wilson Lindy Wilson $237.25
3624th Peter Denning Peter Denning $214.92
N/A David O'Brien David O'Brien $207
5493rd Louise OBrien Louise OBrien $207
3735th Jo Wilson Jo Wilson $192.81
3809th Darlene Saal Darlene Saal $175.12
3809th Jamie Saal Jamie Saal $175.12
4726th Clare Cnossen Clare Cnossen $103.50
4441st Kellie Beatty Kellie Beatty $87.56
N/A Brittany Pearce Brittany Pearce $76.40
4684th Wayne Wilson Wayne Wilson $61.30
4684th Will Wilson Will Wilson $61.30
4759th Brendan Hewett Brendan Hewett $51.75
4820th Kent Wright Kent Wright $50
N/A Roz Gleeson Roz Gleeson $17.51
N/A Barry Bowden Barry Bowden $0
N/A Fiona Mcewan Fiona Mcewan $0
N/A Melissa Keeley Melissa Keeley $0
N/A Melissa Keeley Melissa Keeley $0
N/A Sonya Trim Sonya Trim $0
N/A Tanya Anderson Tanya Anderson $0
5th Klopfer Dobos Klopfer Dobos $10,988.83
Members of Klopfer Dobos
121st Chris Dimsey Chris Dimsey $3,024.37
242nd Chad Mills Chad Mills $2,209.32
252nd Justin Ashford Justin Ashford $2,161.99
271st Tristan Halls Tristan Halls $2,112.64
2879th Cuauhtemoc Rodriguez Cuauhtemoc Rodriguez $418.38
3505th Dom Adkins Dom Adkins $238.52
3746th Samuel Hall Samuel Hall $190.84
4012th Philip Hosemans Philip Hosemans $138.50
4601st Miguel Videla Miguel Videla $71.05
5245th Billy Fogarty Billy Fogarty $31.05
6th NTPFES NTPFES $10,439.96
Members of NTPFES
273rd Megan Duncan Megan Duncan $2,111.12
589th Darren Heaven Darren Heaven $1,368.71
639th Steve Greenall Steve Greenall $1,305.31
970th Grayson McKinlay Grayson McKinlay $1,055.35
1245th Holly Ranson Holly Ranson $903.27
1386th Travis DUNGEY Travis DUNGEY $836.81
1492nd Simon Bulasch Simon Bulasch $796.32
1972nd Julie Hollemans Julie Hollemans $632.64
2299th Zoe Robinson Zoe Robinson $554.84
3055th Julian Robinson Julian Robinson $350.97
3490th Axl Dethmore Axl Dethmore $242.18
4938th Lauren Ross Lauren Ross $43.20
7th Vonex Vonex $9,426.10
Members of Vonex
284th Matt Fahey Matt Fahey $2,075.35
N/A Andrew Smith Andrew Smith $1,829.32
506th Dallas Thomas Dallas Thomas $1,491.10
N/A Katherine Marsh Katherine Marsh $934.01
N/A Jarryd Gorman Jarryd Gorman $649.41
2606th George Soultis George Soultis $504.70
2798th Angus Parker Angus Parker $448.37
3833rd Nathan Thomas Nathan Thomas $172.97
3906th Ruth Thomas Ruth Thomas $159.58
4252nd Lachlan Wyeth Lachlan Wyeth $105
N/A Nilma Campita Nilma Campita $61.30
5324th Arles Ayado Arles Ayado $20.70
5324th Hanny Loren Hanny Loren $20.70
N/A Jenny Rose Dagang Jenny Rose Dagang $20.70
N/A Marly baynos Marly baynos $20.70
N/A Mary Medalle Mary Medalle $20.70
5324th Reynante Balansag Reynante Balansag $20.70
N/A Sonia Sabanal Sonia Sabanal $20.70
N/A Cyril Montejo Cyril Montejo $0
N/A Ivan Alino Ivan Alino $0
N/A Maria Hambre Maria Hambre $0
8th Team Surge Team Surge $9,256.78
Members of Team Surge
556th Brad Domoney Brad Domoney $1,417.85
942nd Angie Naish Angie Naish $1,404.47
N/A Rachel Foden Rachel Foden $1,218.32
1282nd Julia Watson Julia Watson $881.11
1361st Fiona Waldock Fiona Waldock $846.46
N/A Sonja Greenslade Sonja Greenslade $639.21
N/A Carrie Thornton Carrie Thornton $503.18
N/A Melissa Hughes Melissa Hughes $483.43
N/A Suzanne Miller Suzanne Miller $438.15
N/A Brad Greenslade Brad Greenslade $348.67
3266th Eben Venter Eben Venter $289.58
N/A Rachael Woodfield Rachael Woodfield $274.49
3983rd Georgia Stevenson Georgia Stevenson $143.57
N/A Lundi Koen Lundi Koen $124.20
4330th Kat Muir Kat Muir $61.30
N/A Jaxon Bilchuris Jaxon Bilchuris $46.58
N/A Catherine Burns Catherine Burns $0
N/A Chloe Purcell Chloe Purcell $0
N/A Michelle Korff Michelle Korff $0
N/A Naomi Lynch Naomi Lynch $0
N/A Teresa Parkes Teresa Parkes $0
9th CNS CNS $7,675.07
Members of CNS
533rd Jackie Taylor Jackie Taylor $1,440.80
855th Kelly Burns Kelly Burns $1,121.03
1049th Jason Erasmus Jason Erasmus $1,019.70
1293rd Trent Todd Trent Todd $875.59
1970th Katrina Pirlo Katrina Pirlo $633.48
2120th Hiram Chipperfield Hiram Chipperfield $598.11
2402nd Frans Roodt Frans Roodt $536.12
2406th Jolien Visser Jolien Visser $535.32
10th Mauri, Baking Better Together Mauri, Baking Better Together $7,197.02
Members of Mauri, Baking Better Together
16th Michael White Michael White $7,093.52
11th Team RFDS Charleville Team RFDS Charleville $7,155.76
Members of Team RFDS Charleville
836th Nick Tully Nick Tully $1,133.32
987th Shane Wise Shane Wise $1,044.89
1050th Diane Dowrick Diane Dowrick $1,018.70
1065th Courtney Jane Courtney Jane $1,012.26
1623rd Patricia Prociv Patricia Prociv $743.98
2444th Scott Bentley Scott Bentley $528.89
2517th Jo Mahony Jo Mahony $513.91
2972nd Cathy Wilson Cathy Wilson $380.21
3601st Greig Smith Greig Smith $220.08
3623rd Emma Wex Emma Wex $215.61
12th Mastercard (Sydney) Mastercard (Sydney) $6,991.78
Members of Mastercard (Sydney)
116th Caroline Hill Caroline Hill $3,076.70
728th Enda Flaherty Enda Flaherty $1,207.96
937th Alison Powers Alison Powers $1,077.01
1874th Jacques Simon Jacques Simon $661.34
2519th sean chang sean chang $513.32
3541st Fernanda Ramos Fernanda Ramos $231.26
N/A Alison Green Alison Green $172.45
N/A Edward Cobol Edward Cobol $0
N/A Marc Carolus Marc Carolus $0
N/A Rob Davis Rob Davis $0
N/A Sam Hart Sam Hart $0
13th St John Ambulance NT St John Ambulance NT $6,931.67
Members of St John Ambulance NT
86th Samantha Cooper Samantha Cooper $3,374.79
467th Max Mace Max Mace $1,552.25
2372nd Chris Trotter Chris Trotter $540.19
2471st Danielle Leslie Danielle Leslie $523
3361st Simone McInerney Simone McInerney $269.10
3743rd Annie Hesse Annie Hesse $191.06
14th Team CDU Team CDU $6,165.01
Members of Team CDU
63rd Doug Austin Doug Austin $3,911.62
1147th Sue Tucker Sue Tucker $967.79
463rd Tricia Murray Tricia Murray $860.89
3046th Katharine Taylor Katharine Taylor $352.25
N/A Şerm Erden Şerm Erden $36.23
N/A Klarice Lago Klarice Lago $0
15th JMPU (now and in the future) JMPU (now and in the future) $5,491.96
Members of JMPU (now and in the future)
581st George Acheson-Thom George Acheson-Thom $1,379.31
786th Rob Serafin Rob Serafin $1,171.53
801st Ben Respondek Ben Respondek $1,160.54
1054th Damien Bower Damien Bower $1,016.75
1950th C A C A $639.64
5324th Narelle Powers Narelle Powers $20.70
16th Rheem Volunteers Rheem Volunteers $5,400.74
Members of Rheem Volunteers
328th Ty GOCK Ty GOCK $1,919.21
816th Graham Smith Graham Smith $1,147.83
972nd Matthew Gamble Matthew Gamble $1,054.23
1375th Graham Clark Graham Clark $842.57
4025th Daniel Disseldorp Daniel Disseldorp $136.75
17th Mastercard - Brisbane office Mastercard - Brisbane office $4,757.35
Members of Mastercard - Brisbane office
1312th Luis Franco Marin Luis Franco Marin $867.78
1443rd Rob Dunn Rob Dunn $811.92
1685th paul mcmahon paul mcmahon $724.68
1890th Claudia Naidoo Claudia Naidoo $658.40
2191st Matt Jenkins Matt Jenkins $577.55
3286th Taufiq Hoven Taufiq Hoven $284.15
3533rd Warren Scott Warren Scott $232.04
3571st Emily Biswell Emily Biswell $225.96
4173rd Demosthenes Mateo Jr Demosthenes Mateo Jr $113.44
4312th Weimin Yang Weimin Yang $101.43
4739th Ean Dungey Ean Dungey $55.34
4754th Drew Watson Drew Watson $52.16
5048th Grant Hansen Grant Hansen $35.02
5505th Georg Lippold Georg Lippold $17.51
18th National Library BAG National Library BAG $4,388.88
Members of National Library BAG
461st Peter Collins Peter Collins $1,557.59
1079th Jenny Stephens Jenny Stephens $1,006.28
2165th Marie-Louise Ayres Marie-Louise Ayres $583.63
N/A Beth Mansfield Beth Mansfield $552.27
2531st Nicolette Suttor Nicolette Suttor $510.86
19th Clarendon Clarendon $3,655.02
Members of Clarendon
73rd Mathew Campbell Mathew Campbell $3,655.02
20th Team Dexus WA Team Dexus WA $3,520.01
Members of Team Dexus WA
537th John Beckett John Beckett $1,437.83
696th Laura Morse Laura Morse $1,234.85
21st Core Therapy Core Therapy $3,432.87
Members of Core Therapy
85th Danny Shaheen Danny Shaheen $3,432.87
22nd PPB Team PPB Team $3,231.52
Members of PPB Team
1480th Robert Whild Robert Whild $800.24
1650th Elise Paine Elise Paine $735.64
2010th Ilona Krolikowska Ilona Krolikowska $624.74
2260th Jane Wagner Jane Wagner $561.01
23rd Autodesk Australia Autodesk Australia $3,033.00
Members of Autodesk Australia
1100th Brent Norman Brent Norman $1,002.77
1287th Russell Speight Russell Speight $878.38
N/A Vima Mayilsamy Vima Mayilsamy $332.72
3604th Julie Bond Julie Bond $218.90
4257th Rania Bayeh Rania Bayeh $103.50
4383rd Paul Brincat Paul Brincat $95.53
4441st Damian Sproules Damian Sproules $87.56
N/A Myrna Ilustrisimo Myrna Ilustrisimo $86.77
24th Athletic Scientific Terrific Athletic Scientific Terrific $2,860.60
Members of Athletic Scientific Terrific
677th Liz Richardson Liz Richardson $1,259.61
3145th Rob Prestedge Rob Prestedge $325.62
3321st Henry Jordan Henry Jordan $276.97
3454th Esther Jordan Esther Jordan $249.20
3543rd Jessica Holan Jessica Holan $230.54
3650th Tim Jordan Tim Jordan $209.92
405th Diego Eguiguren Diego Eguiguren $1,671.79
1195th Sam Orwin Sam Orwin $924.80
4359th reza bella reza bella $99.36
5282nd Jesus Ziegler Jesus Ziegler $25.88
26th QPS PCC Peddlers QPS PCC Peddlers $2,710.59
Members of QPS PCC Peddlers
401st Peter Ess Peter Ess $1,681.63
1023rd Peter Bellars Peter Bellars $1,028.96
27th Fried Brains Fried Brains $2,368.83
Members of Fried Brains
219th Paul Kiff Paul Kiff $2,368.83
N/A Liz FOley Liz FOley $0
28th Team MSC Team MSC $2,122.63
Members of Team MSC
465th Bob Ianson Bob Ianson $1,554.49
2429th Len Soule Len Soule $531.92
29th HQFAA HQFAA $2,070.28
Members of HQFAA
1026th David Carriage David Carriage $1,027.82
1209th Daniel Atwater Daniel Atwater $918.26
N/A Andrew Willett Andrew Willett $0
N/A Brad Lewis Brad Lewis $0
N/A Gavin Fairs Gavin Fairs $0
30th TWPS TWPS $2,003.93
Members of TWPS
1456th Bobby Sagala Bobby Sagala $807.33
2388th Warren McClintock Warren McClintock $537.52
2914th Chris Howard Chris Howard $403.65
4179th Brendan Dorricott Brendan Dorricott $112.98
5409th Callan Tanner Callan Tanner $20
31st The Great Aussie Bush Camp The Great Aussie Bush Camp $1,875.41
Members of The Great Aussie Bush Camp
1928th Brad Love Brad Love $644.84
1984th Cooper Higgins Cooper Higgins $630.11
2235th Scott Woolley Scott Woolley $565.47
5066th Aaron Kingston Aaron Kingston $35
N/A Lucy Morris Lucy Morris $0
32nd iGym247 Salamander Bay iGym247 Salamander Bay $1,826.54
Members of iGym247 Salamander Bay
N/A Maryanne Morrisby Maryanne Morrisby $1,826.54
706th Anselmo Matsui Anselmo Matsui $1,228.95
2829th Andrew Duffin Andrew Duffin $437.79
N/A Miguel Cortes Miguel Cortes $0
34th Excite Media Cycle Crew Excite Media Cycle Crew $1,660.27
Members of Excite Media Cycle Crew
1391st Tobias Bateman Tobias Bateman $835.11
2805th Matthew Green Matthew Green $447.27
2977th Andrew Hunt Andrew Hunt $377.90
35th Wedgetail Warriors Wedgetail Warriors $1,480.12
Members of Wedgetail Warriors
733rd Sam Hays Sam Hays $1,205.45
36th Bedford CA Bedford CA $1,444.21
Members of Bedford CA
529th Cody Herdman Cody Herdman $1,444.21
N/A Matthias Halliday Matthias Halliday $0
37th Lab Rats Lab Rats $1,253.10
Members of Lab Rats
2896th Alex Chapman Alex Chapman $407.77
2976th Melissa Aalbers Melissa Aalbers $378.12
3466th Murray Revell Murray Revell $246.70
4684th Amanda Beecham Amanda Beecham $61.30
38th Icon Group Icon Group $1,222.21
Members of Icon Group
715th Troy Marshall Troy Marshall $1,222.21
39th Woolworths Group Team Members (State Wide) Woolworths Group Team Members (State Wide) $1,065.57
Members of Woolworths Group Team Members (State Wide)
954th Jason Wakely Jason Wakely $1,065.57
40th A Beaut Commute A Beaut Commute $1,044.70
Members of A Beaut Commute
2319th Ryan Campey Ryan Campey $550.94
3336th Howard Campey Howard Campey $273.05
3596th Jenni Thorman Jenni Thorman $220.71
41st BHP PC&P BHP PC&P $1,041.22
Members of BHP PC&P
1447th Ciaran O'Sullivan Ciaran O'Sullivan $809.87
3809th Breandan Kerins Breandan Kerins $175.12
4992nd Lauren Munnik Lauren Munnik $36.23
5409th Stephen Irele Stephen Irele $20
N/A Celine Verheyden Celine Verheyden $0
N/A Francois Bothma Francois Bothma $0
N/A joe stuart joe stuart $0
42nd EFM Angas St and North Tce EFM Angas St and North Tce $1,036.33
Members of EFM Angas St and North Tce
1007th Ellen Nobbs Ellen Nobbs $1,036.33
43rd Genesiscare Genesiscare $1,013.37
Members of Genesiscare
2464th Jean Challens Jean Challens $524.28
3242nd David Rattigan David Rattigan $298.41
3747th Delene Labuschagne Delene Labuschagne $190.69
N/A cameron Challens cameron Challens $0
2908th Gemma Everett Gemma Everett $405.67
4758th Michael Brussel Michael Brussel $51.76
45th Nomi25 Nomi25 $944.13
Members of Nomi25
1625th Naomi Stevenson Naomi Stevenson $742.90
46th Team Digital Team Digital $936.23
Members of Team Digital
1179th Mayke Deuss Mayke Deuss $936.23
47th SAHMRI Avos SAHMRI Avos $925.02
Members of SAHMRI Avos
2032nd Denise KREUCH Denise KREUCH $620.13
3211th Gianny Scoleri Gianny Scoleri $304.89
N/A Chandran Pfitzner Chandran Pfitzner $0
N/A Chris Mavrangelos Chris Mavrangelos $0
N/A Nicole Dmochowska Nicole Dmochowska $0
48th CSTS CSTS $920.51
Members of CSTS
1205th Nicole Burton Nicole Burton $920.51
N/A Daniel Creamer Daniel Creamer $0
N/A Jay Nicks Jay Nicks $0
N/A Tia Rowley Tia Rowley $0
49th U Accessories U Accessories $909.05
Members of U Accessories
N/A Anton Patajo Anton Patajo $862.07
50th Loan Riders Loan Riders $825.60
Members of Loan Riders
2610th Dan Bateman Dan Bateman $504.32
3158th Timothy Chung Timothy Chung $321.28